Friday, November 07, 2008

Expose Your World

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Earlier this year, I was sitting with Bondi on Wilson Street, enjoying some Vargabar coffee, when a lady stopped by to chat. A professional photographer, she recognised me (or at least you-know-who) from years before, when I'd visited a mutual friend. I told her that I'd been off travelling with Bondi and - at this point the memory is muddled - I either gave her a card with this blog link and she called me back, or she immediately said that I should enter some of my pictures in the Expose Your World photo competition run by Roving Eye agency.

This afternoon I received a broadcast email listing me as the winner of the photo essay section "A Traveller's Tale" (Tail?). A link to a PDF with samples of the winners in each section provided the page above.

Here's a key to the timing and placement of those images.

1. Edinburgh - at our B&B. It's still the first month of our travels.

2. Trafalgar Square- I had this one turned into a set of UK postage stamps for my first year of postcards

3. Salamanca, Spain - La Concha beach

4. Field of Miracles, Pisa

5. Nordkapp, Norway - the last stretch of road to the most northerly place you can drive in Europe.

6. Bergen, Norway - among the Bryggen warehouses

7. Castle Ardvrek, north west Scotland en route to the Orkneys

8. British Museum, London - if you know Bondi at all well, you'll take my word that this is not an artificially posed shot. This is just how Bondi sits, even without an audience. Around 2am Last night I turned on the light in my dining room and found he'd been sitting like this in the dark.

9. Szoborpark, Budapest - someone had the bright idea of rounding up all the communist-era statues in Budapest and making a little theme park.

10. Savonlinna, Finland


  1. Anita3:51 pm

    ...well, they ARE great photos and I'm sure there aren't too many people who've dragged a dog the size of bondi around the world. Congratulations!!

  2. Hey Mike and Bondi - great stuff! Fabulous photos. I look forward to the next lot, with Mundsen in tow..
    Well done.


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