Saturday, November 01, 2008

Food and Wine and Fair Malamutes

20081101 Food and Wine Fair-1

Sydney's annual Food and Wine Fair, a fund-raising event for the AIDS Trust, was held in Hyde Park today. We encountered another pair of mals: 6mo Digger and 5yo Sirabia (? spelling), a female of the long-haired variety. The gathering of the four friendly beasts attracted quite a crows, and even a film crew, the two pups playing energetically while their step-siblings kept an eye on their behaviour.

20081101 Food and Wine Fair-2

IMG_0732-33_stitch [ice]

20081101 Food and Wine Fair

This is why there are so few pictures of me and both the boys. Getting us all lined up is as difficult as herding software developers butterflies.


  1. I know it sounds trite, but they're really beautiful dogs. The three of you make a handsome family!

  2. Oh, they had such a good time! I love to see dogs with that smile on their faces!

    It's nice to see the three of you together, too!