Saturday, November 29, 2008

King Street Petting Zoo

20081129 King St

We haven't been out much this week as my hay-feverish eyes and nose need to avoid the waves of grass-pollen being generated by the short cycles of rain and sun in this unusual Sydney Spring. I've signed up for a drug trial on a new hayfever treatment. This week I'm on a run-in placebo, journaling my symptoms 3 times a day as I take a fake nasal spray. I have to avoid taking anti-histamines until the run-in is over, so I'm all scratches and sneezes.

I've been putting some of my time towards writing emails to various council and state bodies about access to parks and public transport. Since July I've written to Marrickville Council 4 times on these matters, without a single reply - but I wrote one comment on a development application for a new business on my residential block, and got a formal response in writing in a few days. I think the council prefers sending out rangers to hassle residents rather than entering into a conversation on these issues.

On a more pleasant note, taking the boys out along King St, Newtown while I did some shopping, generated plenty of smiles all around. Each time I rejoined them on the footpath, there would be a small throng of people saying hello or introducing their children.


  1. If I were there, I'd love to see The Handsome Boys too!

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry fur the diskhomfort

  2. Mike, I'm meeting with RailCorp on the 9th Dec, 1:30 - 4:30 in Sydney. It's a facilitated meeting. I've got multi-party support for pet travel in the first carriage or two. I need someone to come to this meeting with me and you would be terrific as probably the most experienced 'travel with dog' person in Australia. Bondi could come. This is a great opportunity, any chance?

  3. I could do that? Is their office in the city, and if so, do they have parking.

    PS I'm not going to support carriage restriction. Apart from the objections I've already stated on your blog, there is the issue of getting TO the first carriages on many services. It can be a long walk up a platform, potentially through a crowd of people waiting for other trains.

  4. Mike, you would be there as a 'support' person. It's a facilitated meeting so if it's appropriate, I'm sure you'll be able to offer your experience and logic.