Saturday, December 06, 2008

10th anniversary

The photo above is the first one of us together, back in Seattle on December 6, 1998. Just now I dug out the old shirt to recreate that shot, although it's not quite possible to lie around Bondi in the same way.
1998-12 Bondi & Xmas snow
Ten years ago today I brought home this shy ball of fluff, an eight-week old malamute puppy, runt of the litter and last of same to find his new home. How little I knew of what he would do to shape my life over this last decade as we lived and travelled together on three continents.
IMG_1074-83 Carriageworks [ice] 2

At midday we visited the Finders Keepers art & design markets at the Carriageworks Arts Centre. Despite the day turning out to be very sultry it was still not permissible to bring the boys into the cool of the large concrete, brick and metal space (no telling what a dog might do to that!) so I had to leave them near a breezy doorway while I quickly schlepped around for some xmas presents. Fortunately some staff helped out with water-bowls until it was time to beat a retreat for home.

Sydney is definitely a world-away from the simple friendliness of London's Covent Garden or Spitalfields indoor markets. It's also leading me to re-assess whether I made the right decision to come "home" to Sydney. For every bureaucratic annoyance I encountered in the UK or the US, Sydney's multiple-tiers of nannying but ineffective government add a few more layers of complexity, making day-to-day conveniences like this impossible.

Last weekend I watched the last episode of Stephen Fry's drive around America, taking him through Seattle and environs, and then Griff Rhys-Jones' visit to Snowdonia in Mountain. I missed so much in leaving those landscapes, all of which I saw in Bondi's company. I hope to walk Offa's Dyke Trail one day in the company of Munson.

Bondi can be spotted (just) on the far right of frame … and not to leave out young Munson:



  1. I'm SOOOO in love!

    Good thing woo are on the other side of the world!

    Khongrats fur the special anniversary!

    My mom always says 'things happen fur reasons' - figure it out!


  2. Congrats on 10 years of intense friendship!

  3. We humans are lucky that our dogs put up with us for so long!

    Congrats from Walt & Ken & Callie.

  4. Anonymous5:25 am

    Congratulations to you both on your ten years together. What a journey you have made and little sign of divorce too! Definitely a match made in heaven! We look forward very much to meeting Munson on your Offa's Dyke trip! Much love to you all Maureen and Tony xxx