Sunday, December 07, 2008


Bondi on the front verandah

Eedra from Barking Mad lobby group invited me to join her and a small party as guests of Sydney's Lord Mayer Clover Moore at a Xmas party in Paddington Hall. The guests seemed to be mainly drawn from community groups seeking to enrich public spaces in the Sydney area.

Clover gave a very punchy address on the goals and progress of her city team, with a well-constructed video/slide presentation running in parallel. I was quite surprised (and pleased) when her points on companion animals - increased off-leash areas, and practical support for pet-owners in subsidised housing - got the largest swell of applause and cheers over every other issue presented.


  1. And a furry nice khompanion woo have there!


  2. your dogs are just beautiful.


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