Monday, December 08, 2008

A line in the sand


20081208 Beach

Today's visit to the beach was a lot of fun until a couple of guys, each with a pair of muzzled greyhounds, turned up and thuggishly started trying to order us off the beach so they could monopolise it. I'm afraid they were not very polite in their "requests". I wished that some of the regular professional dog walkers had turned up with a few dozen charges to back us up.

Munson ran over towards them to see what all the colour and motion was about, and they chased him off with a very large stick. I took some photos of them and their car license plates, just in case they cause trouble with me or other visitors at a later date.

A study from the department of neurobiology and cognition research at the University of Vienna, shows that dogs share a sensitivity to fair behaviour only seen before in humans and primates.

I can think of two human subjects who might fail that test.


  1. We know what Tubey says about humans -

    They are stoopid -

    At least stoopid until proven otherwise!


  2. Funny that. Someone needs to barge in to your good time. Why don't they barge in to the people puking and swearing outside my (well, not mine any more as I moved, but others) bedroom window at 2am?

    Why don't they go after people who leave there litter on my (again, not mine but shared) beautiful beach?

    Why not go after the people that pollute the lagoons and make the ocean full of sh$t after rain (in Sydney). Obviously, doggie swimming is something they can trump and therefore increase their importance.

    When Barking Mad was asked 'when will you start addressing muzzling of greyhounds' (when our issue is ACCESS to public and private spaces) and the response was 'when will you stop muzzling your greyhound', those with muzzled greyhounds ran fast - and no doubt were offended. (As to greyhounds, luckily, we have people working on these laws and the Greyhound Adoption Program in NSW) but the core matter with Barking Mad is access for pets.

    If you are willing to swim your dogs in a responsible manner that fits in with our community needs (i.e. you don't take 4 adolescent dogs into the kiddies pool), or a dog with the runs near a public bathing area, (and you pick up their poo - even if it is surrounded by bird poo and you know that surfers pee in the ocean) then we are happy to support you.

  3. I suspect the greyhounds were quite well behaved - I couldn't detect any aggro from them. The owners should have been muzzled and leashed. I remember them screaming out "It's illegal for dogs to be off the leash ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA!!"

    Because the beach is near the mouth of the Cooks River, there's a LOT of human garbage that lands there and has to be regularly raked up with a beach-cleaner.

    Anywhere in Sydney that you reach down to pick up doggie-poo you are almost certainly within an arm's reach of a lot more human litter (especially cigarette butts). I can quite often kill two birds with one stone, and pick up a supermarket plastic bag and use that to collect the poo.

  4. Hmmmm, takes a lot of guts for them to challenge two such BIG boys and Bondi and Munson! I would have stayed just to tick them off! Or sat on them to squish them.



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