Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's not uncommon to have the boys vying for my attention in the morning, especially if Bondi has elected to sleep in my room before Munson has settled down in his regular crevice between bed and window. In this case it's not so much vying as trying as Bondi simply wants to keep Munson away from me.

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This morning I was woken by Munson's plaintive yodelling and was somehow prompted to grab my camera off the bedside table, drop it onto the edge of the bed facing the doorway, and spun it into movie mode. I rolled over and somehow managed to return to sleep through the mix of Munson's vocals and Bondi's heavy breathing, both overlaid on the recording of Australian native-birds and lute that I have as my weekend wakeup music.


After showering, I was surprised to find both of them sitting on the bed. I've not seen them sitting together like this since Munson's first night home some six months ago. Bondi rarely gets on the bed while I'm around, saving it for his refuge when I've left him home for the day.

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