Monday, December 01, 2008

'Tween pavement and stars

a photo I prepared earlier

Tonight Australians had the opportunity to witness an apparent conjunction of the crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter which would appear as a heavenly smiley face. Not visible from other parts of the world (because you've all been very naughty*), this is the last such smile to be seen here for 30 years :-(.

Not being able to see anything from my street, I took the boys up to a hilltop in Sydney Park for a clear view to the west - but like others gathered there, was confounded by cloud cover in that area of the sky. A couple of joggers came over the crest of the hill, pointing to the south-west, exclaiming "that must be the eyes!".

"Sorry, that's a couple of aeroplanes circling the airport", I advised.

The picture above is one I took last night - all three celestial bodies were visible (click the photo to see a larger version) - but the moon appears much further away.

In lieu of any more photos this evening, I resorted to taking snapshots of the chimney stacks in the corner of the park, some of which have been dressed up with lights for the holiday season.

Sydney Park chimneys

Munson & chimney chimney and street lamp

* actually it's because the crescent moon is always oriented as a frown in the northern hemisphere. hehehe

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  1. What a furry khool pikh!

    Tank Woo fur sharing it along with the others!



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