Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Playboy of the Inner Western World

Munson, the Old Fish Shop Cafe

When I returned from my week in New Zealand, the first thing I noticed about Munson was that he had subtly shifted his frame into a more adult dog proportion. At 9 months, he's still a goofball but remarkably compliant in most circumstances. In off-leash areas he has a number of favoured playmates, mostly young female staffies that are quick to roll him over and take control. I'm very pleased to say that in all this time there has never been the hint of aggression between him and another creature. Even quite tiny dogs quickly sense he's no threat and will tone down his quite vigorous playing style to suit. Bondi and Dougal were also adept at letting the other dog set the tempo for play.

20090108 Sydney Park

Seen above, in addition to a skilled Staffie playmate, a beautiful young Great Dane happily takes him on.

Munson and Mishka (an 8mo husky) inspect Moby the pug.


  1. Woo are ONE handsome Mallie Boy!

    Please don't tell my other MallieBoy BF SUMMII THE SUPER MAL!

    PeeEssWoo: Or my Siberian Sweetie STEVE!

  2. Oh Munson, you are sooo adorable, and growing into quite a handsome boy!!