Thursday, March 12, 2009

Munson's Big Day Out

 P3120009 P3120010

Bondi's spending the day at the vet having his glands checked, soooo……

Munson's day out as solo dog began with brunch out and special attention to café etiquette and attire. After all, he is named after a major centre of coffee culture in London W5, and needed to be schooled in the eccentric ways of court.

20090312 Munson at beach

Next stop was the beach for a comprehensive flea drowning soaking and mad run around on the sand. I played around with the water proof camera to capture 1) my shadow under water, and 2) a fish-eye view of me.

P3120052 P3120078

We picked up Bondi (very cheery) from the vet and all three of us trotted off for ninety minutes at the park.


  1. That is one furry happy MalAMale!


  2. Munson's looking pretty handsome there in those glasses!