Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pill potion


Some progress has been made with Bondi's condition since last week's post.

Firstly, he was properly diagnosed with Cushing's disease, whereby an internal feedback loop goes awry and the dog is poisoned by its own blood cortisol. This has long been high on my list of suspected conditions, but which hitherto I've had trouble convincing veterinarians was worth the trouble of diagnosis. In Bondi's case, the fully qualified condition is "pituitary dependent hyperadrenocorticism".

Secondly we had to procure the drug Trilostane which I started Bondi on before we left the UK and which was so effective in restoring his coat and all round good health. Bondi - before & after Trilostane

Trilostane is not a listed pharmacy item in Australia, so you've either got to import it or find someone with an existing license. Just applying to be allowed to import it is $75 with a further $260 "assessment". Luckily, before I'd faxed off that second payment, my vet located a pharmacy who could fill our script and I grabbed the first month's supply out of a wallet-trembling six month order.

Bondi's been increasingly off his food lately; I think because of the anticipated pain of opening his mouth to eat. When he does get in the mood, he swiftly polishes off a large bowl of kibble. I can't wait around to dose him with these new meds, so I spooned some yoghurt onto a plate and decorated it with his pills. A little dab of yoghurt on the tongue to tempt him, and the whole concoction was not far behind.

Earlier today I was sitting outside a coffee shop, Bondi curled up tightly next to me, with his head resting on my shoe as I intermittently scritched him around the back of his ears. At some point he began to cry and yowl softly as some pain hit him. Completely tore me up. Munson came over, and sat in front of Bondi, licking his paws.

He's bounced back from worse, but we're not going to see an overnight improvement. Keeping him comfortable and cheerful through the bad breaks is my major mission.

npb1-my-dog tattoo
An inspiring tattoo by Erich Foster.
Munson - pensive in bath

Munson, pensive after a bath.


  1. Sorry to hear about Bondi...I had a Norwegian Elkhound that was diagnosed with Cushings...she leaved for many happy years since the diagnosis, albeit with a managed diet and medication...good luck Bond!!

  2. I've got my paws khrossed fur ALL of woo!

    My pal Dakota in OP Kansas has Cushings...

    The bathtub shot is a beaWOOty!

    We'll keep Biondi in our thoughts!

    PeeEssWoo: The tattoo's sentiment is furry khool!

  3. Happy thoughts from Gracie T. Malamute in Seattle to Bondi! We hope he feels better soon!

  4. Panayiotis6:40 am

    Love & Light to The Big Guy

    From The Coffee Guys at Munson's

  5. All the best. Bondi's lucky to have you and Munson around.