Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Roving Eye Awards Dinner

STA_1904-06 Woolloomoolloo [ice]

Tonight the Blue Hotel in Woolloomooloo hosted the 2008 Roving Eye Awards in which I'd won the Traveller's Tale category of the Photo Essay section. Since I mentioned photo-stitching software to a few of the quite brilliant photographers I met there ( wave!) I've uploaded a couple of simple examples here. The photos above and below are each stitched together from 3 separate images. If you look closely at the streetscape above, you'll see a couple of backpackers appear to the left and then again in the centre - I didn't catch them again as I was waiting for traffic to clear before I could take the right-most image.

STA_1907-09 Blue Hotel [ice]


The hotel lobby bar where the exhibition will be for the next two weeks. The mount with my set of 10 photos are the first that you see as you approach the exhibition.

I was asked many times where the subject of the photos was tonight. If this exhibition had been hosted in almost any of the other 30 countries Bondi has visited, he would have been able to attend. Alas poor Australia…

In a curious coincidence, one of the competition judges is Alan Davies, Photographic Curator of the NSW State Library. Alan was one of the researchers who saw the contents of my great grandmother's trunk back in 1989 and produced a feature display for the exhibition At Work and At Play: our past in pictures. He remembered the trunk and the more recent quest to find it again. Naturally he was very pleased that it has resurfaced and its contents will get another exhibition this year.

My booty for the night was a trophy plaque and a specially produced book with the all the winning/commended images, including a double page spread of Bondi's exploits.

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  1. And here I thought the US was one of the few stooooopid khountries with regards to khanine rights!

    Khongrats on your pawesome award!