Saturday, March 28, 2009

Socialisation circuit

Bondi is sleeping today. He's still having trouble with his food so I'm sparing him some of the indignity of my supervision by leaving some chicken casserole and rice in a dish for him to graze on while I take Munson out.

When you have a water-proof camera, you can take fountain's eye view pictures of a thirsty pup:


Munson is attending obedience classes sponsored by the City of Sydney. In his intermediate-level group we make sure that he is paying attention to commands despite distractions from other dogs or people.

P3280020_21 stitch

Final exercise of obedience class #4: all the dogs have to sit in a circle with their heads facing out.



  1. OMD!

    That drinking shot is way khool!

    My mom is snikhkering about the distrakhtion/fokhusing thingie -

    I wonder why?

    If Bondi doesn't want the khasserole, khan I have some?


  2. Great photo. Does the UW camera do the other shots, too, or do you carry two cameras around?

  3. All this post's shots were taken with the one camera which is an Olympus 1030SW. It's about the size of a deck of cards and waterproof to 10m without any casing. All this year's posts with beach/swimming photos were taken with it.

    The Olympus is a little slow for action shots so I have to take lots more to get something usable. Its video is only 640x480 so I don't get very big images when I extract frames (the set of 4 of Munson swimming are all video frames).

    It's not so good in low light and doesn't have an optical zoom, so I use my Canon G9 in those circumstances.