Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surgery update

Bondi's surgeon called me around 2pm to let me know the operation was done - I think it must have been 4 hours all up. He believes he's removed all the matter to be found - I'll spare you the gory details.

Right now Bondi is getting rest and a blood transfusion, and will likely not be ready for visitors until at least tomorrow night.

That's left me feeling much better after frankly a quite fragile 48 hours as the bad news kept trickling in.

Thank you to all who left comments, emailed, called, hugged and generally made me feel better about my little prince.

[ 6.45pm he's doing OK, heavily sedated. The surgeon is doing a terrific job at keeping me up to date, and suggests I call after 10am tomorrow ]


  1. Clairelevisohn@me.com5:22 pm

    Great news. Keep us posted. Again, everything cross this end!

  2. Glad he's doing better. Callie and I send hugs (if that's not too forward from someone you don't even know).

  3. Paws khrossed and Sibe vibes being sent - look outside fur some fluff!


  4. Really great to hear that Bondi is so far doing well with this first hurdle. Thinking of you lots.
    ps - Love the fact that the word verification for this comment is "lovie". Says it all, really. Hugs - Rache, Adrian, Baxter and Georgie

  5. We hope that you get good news in the next update. All paws crossed here!

  6. i'm glad to hear that the news is good so far!

    keeping everything crossed as well!

    -long time reader and lurker ;-)