Monday, March 23, 2009

The tunnel at the end of the light


Yesterday Bondi was referred to a specialist hospital after I took him into the vet worried about dehydration. He had been refusing most food and only sipping water for several days, I believe because of his jaw pain.

The hospital staff put him on an IV overnight for rehydration and feeding, plus morphine as his oral analgesia so far seems to have been drastically under requirements. Discovering that he has been incredibly stoic through what may have been months of extreme pain has been tearing me up all night.

I am trying so hard to keep it together.

Over the last hour I've had  calls from a surgeon and clinician at the hospital following a CT scan of Bondi's skull. This revealed an aggressively growing "orange-sized" tumour in his mandibular joint. There's no immediate sign of metastasis. Examining the tumour is going to have to occur after removal of  half of the mandible ( hemimandibulectomy ) as assessment would take over a week and merely delay - painfully delay - a  surgical solution.  Surgery is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, with a few days post-op recovery before he could come home.

Evenso, this still leaves Bondi in a palliative care situation, with a likely 6-9 months to say goodbye, I guess dependent on whether any metastasis has occurred.

Hug your dogs and tell them that you love them.


  1. Margot5:11 pm

    Mike, I'm so sad for you, there are not enough words to describe the pleasure a dog (companion/ bestmate) brings.
    Margot x

  2. My mom will leak when she sees this post...

    I'll be sure to khyss away her tears...

    We are and will be thinking of the three of woo...


  3. So sorry to hear about Bondi. He is so lucky to have you to take such great care of him.

  4. Not only thiinking and praying for Bondi, but for you too Mike.

  5. I'm so sad to hear of your news, however Bondi (and Munson) have a wonderful owner in you Mike...take comfort from that...

  6. Hugs to you all. Words don't convey but we who love our pets know and are with you.

  7. Brian Murphy5:25 pm


    You're all lucky to have each other - Bondi, Munson and you. Don't think of tomorrows, just today. Today the tumor was removed. Today he came through the surgery. Today.

    We have a little feline friend who has been throwing up, has a fever, and isn't eating or drinking. We've been worried about him over the weekend and knowing what Bondi was coping with as we wait to hear back from our vet has laid a shadow on our minds.

    They really do exchange a piece of our heart with theirs, don't they? I think it's a fair trade.

    Best wishes from our pack in Seattle to yours in Sydney...


  8. We keep you all in our thoughts here in Seattle. I've been there and it sucks, but I wouldn't trade a minute or a penny that I gave when my malamute's time came. Peanut butter and hamburger made him a happy happy boy when he had his rough days.