Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Old Man and the Sea


I love sitting with Bondi on the beach and watching the wind tear white caps off the waves. Munson zips around us , occasionally pausing to dig in the sand or root for flotsam and disgustsum amongst the tide-abandoned seaweed.  It's hard to believe that it's been four weeks since Bondi's operation. This is his second visit to the beach over the last week, the two trips bookending four days at home while I souped and slept through a head cold.

Bondi's keen to get out for walks every day, and set off at a fair clip for a circuit of Sydney Park this week. He's resumed duties in reprimanding Munson, but I have to be careful that he doesn't get too involved in general park patrols. On Monday a labrador had a go at him, causing Bondi to rip open several stitches from the side of his mouth, leading to a bloody exit from the park.

The stitches are of little concern - I'm more interested in making sure that Bondi is eating enough each day. He'd eat ginger biscuits all day, but I'm still struggling to get him to eat his kibble or meatballs. On top of that he seems to have some very itchy skin eruption on his scalp that's annoying him more and more.

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  1. OH MY!

    I LOVED the furst pikh since I'm known fur MY khrossed paws!

    Hugz&Khysses to all!


  2. What beautiful pics of Bondi on the beach! You are the most handsome Mal I know!!!

    I'm so sorry about the stitches being torn. I'm sure all those cookies helped him feel better. They always do me!

    Check out this website

    This recipe is for Satin Balls, and are a great way to get puppers to eat who don't feel like it, and also gives them plenty of nutrition. My mom's Siberian Husky group rave about them!


  3. Thanks for the Satin Ball suggestion Holly! I've had some success with giving him fresh mince and mixing it up with the regular kibble so that he gets all the extra goodies from that. I also remembered that a sprinkling of apple cider also tempts Bondi to eat things he's about to pass on.

    This evening he polished off a whole bowl of food and came back for some seconds!