Friday, April 03, 2009

Post-surgery update

I know some of you have been checking here very regularly for an update on Bondi.

Overall he's doing well and in good spirits. I took him for a short walk up the street and back, and later in the day he presented himself at the front gate to go to the park with Munson. I figure it's too soon for that, but will review the situation next week after he's had his stitches out.

He's gradually learning to eat with his reshaped mouth although I have to hand-feed him most of his food. I take a few meatballs and cup them under his mouth so that he can nuzzle them like a horse working out of a feed-bag. I'm encouraging him to be more self-sufficient by leaving him ginger biscuits to pick up and swallow unaided. I also give him  small rawhide pieces to gently masticate - it's my version of oral physiotherapy.

There's another issue with damage to the periphery of his tongue which is a bit icky so won't go into details. The surgeon said that nature should take its course without resorting to further surgery.

As I reflect on the situation, Bondi is not aware that he's had major surgery. I see that he's much happier, that there is no longer any pain when I manipulate his head and that he appreciates the efforts I'm putting into feeding. He's also seeking out my company more than he has in recent months; with the distraction of Munson I hadn't noticed that Bondi was isolating himself in little pockets around the house, undoubtedly a reaction to the pain.

Both dogs have their preferred safe place. Munson has his spot half under the bed near the window, and Bondi likes to be on my bed during the day spread out on his blankets. Bondi hadn't been there in a while - climbing up and down would have jarred his jaw - but now he spends time there every day.

I take Munson to the park by himself most days. Some of the regulars there had not heard the news and feared the worst when they saw me without Bondi. What is most touching is that the word has spread to people I've not met before or perhaps only once in passing, and so many kind people approach me to check on Bondi's progress. I'm really looking forward to the day when he can rejoin us there.

Bondi's last visit to Sydney Park


  1. Tank Woo fur taking the time to pupdate us!

    It brought a smile to my mom's face -

    I'm a Sibe so I've always got mine on!

    Hugz&Khysses to all three of woo!


  2. Good to hear he's doing well. And thanks for the info about your camera. Very interesting.


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