Thursday, April 09, 2009

The week in review

relaxing in front yard

This week kinda got away with me with so much on.

pre-stitch removal waiting in the surgery

Bondi had his stitches removed on Wednesday. You can see what an amazing job was done in preserving the external appearance of Bondi's jaw, and how quickly he's healing up. It's only two weeks since I first saw him groggily sit up after the operation. Thanks to the Trilostane we're already seeing some hair regrowth in the shaved area. I'm still waiting to hear the results of the pathology tests on the tumour.

Prof John Hendry rear of Wentworth building

I attended one of Sydney University's free public lectures. Prof Sir John Pendry of Imperial College, London spoke on The Science of Invisibility. Heady stuff and well-presented. I spied some of my fellow physics undergrad classmates in the audience; probably the first time we've sat in the same lecture theatre in 25 years! I had a little wander around this corner of the campus, it's much changed since a huge bout of redevelopment. The engineering precinct looked quite beautiful under the full moon.

P4080037 P4080038

The above light-trail images were taken while looking out over this precinct, putting the camera into night mode (a longer exposure) and swinging it around by its strap.

The next day Bondi had a set of tests at his regular vet's clinic to look at his adrenal gland functioning after having started the medication. I got back the payout from his pet insurance for the recent medication and surgery - sadly he sailed way over the annual limit on all these items so we got less than a third of the costs - it's been a VERY expensive few weeks!

Munson at beach

While Bondi was having those tests done, Munson had another de-fleaing swim. He amazed me by paddling out about 40-50m offshore, quite unconcerned by my "requests" for him to come in closer. I wonder if he'd read the news about Sophie Tucker and was looking for his own island paradise.

Bondi with welcome home gift

Bondi had his first day back in the park with the other dogs today. I'm keeping him close to me on leash for now to lower the risk of accidental injury. Things are definitely looking up!


  1. All we khan paw is AHHHHHHH!

    Tank woo fur the PUPSdate!


  2. I am sure sending all the Malagal vibes I can for a quick and healthy healing for Bondi!!