Monday, May 04, 2009

A bridge to cross


The last few weeks have been a gift of time for me to say goodbye to my beloved boy. He's had a resurgence of his early life: grabbing a ball and evading me in the park, larking in mud-puddles, sleeping on my bed, marshalling Munson and other pups around the park, flirting with strangers on street and beach.

This has disguised a resurgence of pain and now a complete loss of appetite. Janet (his vet) and I had a frank but necessary discussion today … I thought that we were both going to let our tears flow there and then, but I knew if I started then I would distress Bondi (and Munson) further.


We gave him some methadone now to provide immediate ease and a big skin-patch to deliver additional relief.

Together with Munson we went to the shaded hillock in Sydney Park where he plays most days,  just to sit together for the afternoon. Bondi's head cradled in my lap, Munson curled around my back. Together.

The rainbow bridge is near.

staring into eternity


  1. Yes...each day all of our bridges are khloser but we still need to fit in all the love we khan.

    He'll let woo know when it is time...

    Until then, please hug him fur us!

    Khyra and Her Leaky Mom

  2. Mike, I feel so sorry for you. Hope Bondi and you have some great together-time, he'll be missed when the time is there.

    One of the things that can't be taken away is the memories you shared.

    Take care!

  3. My thoughts are with you Mike.

  4. Your words and photos are touching.

    My husband and I had an AM who died four years ago. King was 12 and 1/2. Such a big clown. Our Pug, Hank, reminds of us him sometimes (only in a smaller package).

    So very sorry you lost your friend.


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