Saturday, May 02, 2009

Parks and Markets

Every Saturday morning there's a farmers' market in the old Everleigh Rail Yards now redeveloped as the Carriageworks complex. Dogs on leashes are regular visitors at the market.

Farmers' market side view 

I've been bringing the boys down here for a few weeks - there's plenty of smells and market excitement for them to begin their weekend outings. Sometimes I get bones for Munson from one of the stall-holders.

Farmers' market Farmers' market seen from main stairs 

Victoria Park

This particular weekend, a Bark in the Park event was held in nearby Victoria Park nest to the University of Sydney, so we had an easy walk from one venue to the next. It's a bit more commercial than BITP events that Bondi and I attended in Seattle due to a single sponsor dominating the proceedings, but it was lovely to see so many people out with their well-behaved dogs in an inner city park.

IMG_2261 IMG_2270

Munson encountered one of his regular playmates: Dash is a Staffie girl about the same as Munson. She was one of the first staffie pups to practice the ritual of putting her head in Munson's mouth - it seems to be quite the thing for staffies when they meet Munson.

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