Thursday, May 07, 2009

A sparkle on the water

Munson / Rose Bay 

Thank you to everyone who has written, telephoned, stopped me in the street with a kind word and a hug since Bondi's passing. Some of you knew him from his early days in Seattle; others encountered him briefly in our giddy trail across Europe. My friend Brent said that it was never enough for me to walk him on the path around Green Lake, I had to share him with the world.  And so … and so those travels and this blog.

While I grieve the absence of that magnificent head placed upon my lap, the gigantic paw searching for my hand and the deep knowing eyes that bound us through a decade of extraordinary shared experiences, I am also deeply affected by the love that you have written about for your canine and feline friends, some passed, some present, and I hope of many still to come.

Munson / Rose Bay

There's a big hole in my heart filled with my love for Bondi, and the best way to carry that forward, to honour Bondi's memory,  is to apply that capacity to Munson and other furry companions.

Today I took Munson out for a swim in the shallow waters of one of Sydney Harbour's many bays. As he leaped and gambolled, circling me on the waters edge, I was reminded of similar days with Bondi and heartened by the prospect of future days like this, when

with what pleasure, with what joy,

you enter harbours you're seeing for the first time.

As surely as Bondi magnified what was in my heart, he taught me more about living and dying than any human. I offer Munson what I instinctively offered Bondi, what any us would offer a human child in our care: a place to be safe and to be stimulated, to grow in confidence, to know that to offer love is to invite it in return.

Munson prints


  1. All of this is and will be the furry best way to honour Bondi and keep his memory alive!


  2. The healing takes a long time, but you will have Munson there to help comfort you, and put a smile on your face when you need it the most. Bondi will be watching over you Munson now. And, he will forever remain in your heart, and with those of us who followed his journey.

    Giant hugs to you both.

    Holly and Khady

  3. NO words will every come when we need to express our sadness - you and Munson will be in our prayers - Thank you for giving Bondi a wonderful life full of love & bless your heart for we know it's breaking.


  4. Luckily Munson had a good mentor in Bondi and he has a great friend in you.

    The memory stays!

  5. That is a beautiful picture with the water sparkling. What a great tribute picture.

  6. Mike, Bondi is no longer in pain. My heart grieves for you. Big hug!

  7. I just found this blog through DWB.. I hope you leave it here in memory of Bondi ... what beautiful adventures...