Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bondi Beach Promenade

Munson at Bondi Beach

It is a great regret of mine that Bondi never strolled along the promenade at Bondi Beach due to the stringent anti-dog policies of Waverley Council. A multitude of "No Dogs" signed were posted at each end of the beach and council inspectors were quick to advance on infringers with their microchip scanners and fine-books. I wrote to the Council some time ago to point out that the policy of allowing dogs on the coast path was at odds with the policy of forbidding them on this particular stretch. I never got a reply, and appeals to the NSW state bodies were dismissed with the usual circular argument about it being forbidden because it's against the law.

Today I see that the policy has been amended to allow leashed dogs on this stretch of concrete. The world has not been brought to an end by all the people out strolling this fine day with their canine friends. Now if some of the similar pointless policies in the Sydney CBD can be overturned it will a happier day for all.

Munson and Maya 

Munson met a four month old Siberian Husky pup by the name of Maya (pronounced May-a). She's all white with two piercing blue eyes. Quite a crowd developed as they checked each other out.  It was quite difficult to get good photos as people would simply walk in front of my camera to take their own pictures.

Munson cleans up after an ice-cream treat


  1. We live in sight of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with its 800 miles (almost 1300 km) of maintained trails, but can not set foot in the park because dogs are forbidden on the trails. Sigh. Fortunately, we are blessed with many other parks in the area that allow them.

  2. Tank woo fur sharing!

    Maya is a stunner too!

    It is khwite sad that hoomans have such polices fur us yet they are the ones that khause the real issues!



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