Monday, June 22, 2009

Entertaining Mr Munson


Munson pays quite close attention to dogs he sees or hears on TV, so I sometimes leave on a DVD of Antarctica, Eight Below or Snow Dogs  to babysit him when I'm out in the evening. He's not just a passive watcher of screen entertainments: he comes and goes from the room according to his interest in what's showing, sometimes watching from the sofa or the floor, other times nose to the screen with an ear cocked to the speaker.

20090529 Munson watching Antarctica

Playing a few YouTube videos of  talking malamutes and huskies is also a sure way to get his interest.

Munson with toothed whale Munson with plush soccer ball


  1. Michael H11:38 pm

    And his thoughts on BEST IN SHOW?

  2. Sitting quietly on my porch after sunset last night catching up on emails. I opened a video link to a pank of Siberians singing. Oops. The silence was shattered with The Herd singing back. Oh well.

  3. LOVE your photos! What an adventure to travel with your best furry pals like that! Hey, we want to see video of Munson talking!