Wednesday, June 10, 2009

VIVID Sydney: Light Walk

Lighting the Sails

Smart LightArgyle Cut

The new VIVID Sydney festival of music and light incorporates a Light Walk around The Rocks, Circular Quay and the Opera House. This series of light-centred installations also allows you to view the Lighting the Sails artwork as part of Brian Eno's Luminous event - the sails of course referring to the Opera House's arched forms.

Rainbow Rainbow + shadows

Vase of light

Lighting the Sails 

Blue hoops Munson gets his halo

MCA red MCA mauve

MCA coloured snow  

Many faces of the Museum of Contemporary Art, created through a series of static and dynamic images projected onto its seaward side.

MCA green

MCA orange

Customs House - MunsonCustoms House - Munson 

Dendy stepsConservatorium of Music

Lighting the Sails

Lighting the Sails 

flickering green globes

haunted pavilion on Observatory Hill Pink cabling

 Observatory Hill  and Sydney Harbour Bridge

MCA + Sydney Harbour Bridge

Munson & strolling men in white

(Thanks to Peter for this picture of Munson).


  1. Munson is a natural!

    Tank woo fur sharing your pikhs from Down Under with those of us Up Above!


  2. Wow, making me miss Syndey. It is an incredibly city in normal circumstances, but the displays were just spectacular. And Munson, of course, just added to the beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very, very cool! Great images.


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