Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thurman Munson

While our favourite furry Munson takes his name directly from the home of the baristaz, you can follow the name trail further.


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Munson's was named after a dog (a golden retriever IIRC) who was in turn named after the late New York Yankees pitcher, Thurmon Munson, who died in a self-piloted plane-crash, thirty years ago this week.  A new biography has just been released. I'm not a baseball fan, so this is just an FYI rather than an appeal to add it to my Xmas list.

Maybe one day our Munson will get his own bio, that is if I can manage to complete the volume about Bondi.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Munson past Nobby's Head

Newcastle, about 2 hours drive north of Sydney, is  hub for Australia's 7th largest urban area and one I've not visited since I was a child.  It was an early source of coal for the fledgling English colony and named after Newcastle-Upon-Tyne which I visited many times with Bondi, most notably when we began our Hadrian's Wall walk 3 years ago. Indeed there are many locality names shared with the Tyneside area, such as Jesmond, Wallsend, Hexham and Gateshead. Today its harbour ships more coal each year than any other in the world.

past Nobby's Head off-leash dog beach

Peter and I took Munson for a walk along the breakwater past Nobby's Head lighthouse at the mouth of that harbour. On its sheltered side is an off-leash dog-beach which was being very well used when we passed there mid-afternoon.


Munson took to the water  immediately, very quickly making friends with the local dogs.

dog beach dog beach

Munson and dolphin

Note the dolphin breaching in the left background of the picture above.



This is Munson's longest road-trip to date, and his first since Bondi's passing.

Mike & Munson [by Peter] Munson [by Peter]

Tidal pool and Newcastle beach 

 Ocean Baths