Monday, August 31, 2009

Stalking drop-bears at Mrs Macquarie's Chair

Boy Charlton Pool

A winter walk (20°C) from the Art Gallery of NSW to Mrs Macquarie's Chair with Claire, Emily and Bella.

Sydney monuments

The three great malamutes monuments of Sydney.

Munson the drop bear

on the Art Gallery steps Munson the lap-dog 

Emily & Bella stalk drop bears


chick magnet

Munson weighs as much as Emily and Bella combined.

Munson's belly-scratch

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday beach and park

Munson outside Bondi Pavilion

Sunday morning:  Munson outside You-know-who Pavilion beside You-know-who Beach.

Waverley Council - conflicting dog signs at Bondi Beach Waverley Council are still leaving up signs that confuse the issue of dog-access to certain areas. I wrote to them back in 2004 about adjacent signs with conflicting policy (no response).

A new notice board (L) has been put up a few metres away from the old sign (R).

The new policy is written in very small text and with an unfavourable colour contrast with the background; the old is in large letters, high contrast black on white. Instead of using an graphic showing a leashed dog, the new sign shows one indicating dogs are banned.

Which message are they trying to put across?

Munson with Matteo

Sunday afternoon: Munson playing with Matteo (a 3mo pug puppy) , Tia ( a young chihuahua/x) and one of his best mates, Buddy (a 7mo Australian bulldog) who is rapidly closing in on Munson's weight.

Are there any better examples of socializing your dog at an early age? Size differences are no obstacle to play - remember this example. I wince every time a dog owner claims their animal is too small to play with mine, and then yanks them away with the leash as if retracting a yo-yo. Grrrrr!

Munson takes breather after being chased by Matteo Munson and Buddy - exhausted

Monday, August 17, 2009

Barking Mad offer

Eedra Zey from the Barking Mad lobby group is looking for a general manager and/or marketing and sales-person. People and computer skills highly valued.

She can supply

* office and supporting information

* a room in her beach-side dog-friendly rainforest cabin – a 5 metre walk from the office, which is on the central coast of NSW, north of Sydney.

Contact details here.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Munson - a year at play

I've knitted together about a dozen short fragments showing Munson playing with other pups over the last year. The video quality is not great due to several encoding passes from different sources getting it all up to YouTube in one piece.

Bondi makes a few guest appearances throughout!