Saturday, August 08, 2009

Munson - a year at play

I've knitted together about a dozen short fragments showing Munson playing with other pups over the last year. The video quality is not great due to several encoding passes from different sources getting it all up to YouTube in one piece.

Bondi makes a few guest appearances throughout!


  1. Oh my!

    Munson! Bondi has surely kept an eye out fur woo from North of The RB to see woo have bekhome one furry handsome MallieBoy!

    Tank woo fur sharing your adventures!

    The stikhk segment gets a big floofy tail up from me!

    PeeEssWoo: I bet your dad runs with scissors too!

  2. Nice Video of Munson, a joy to watch.
    Love from Susanne & Shirley (England)

  3. Nice vid...good to see the two of them together...

  4. Loved the video (and loved the glimpses of Bondi too).

  5. What a pawsome video!!! Seeing Bondi brought lots of leaking from my eyes. :-( I sure miss his handsome face.

    Munson seems like such a gently boy! I don't think he has any idea how big he really is! I especially love the video of him in the fountain. And, he played soooo nicely with the little dogs at the park with the stick. What a good boy he is! You should be very proud, as I am sure Bondi is, by seeing what a wonderful pup he raised.

    Woo definitely need to show us more video's in the future!!


  6. I'm really proud of the way Munson plays so gently with the little dogs at the park. He's like a big furry bouncy castle that they can do what they like with. Yesterday someone referred to him as a canine youth worker and said he should have his own puppy creche.

    He's very funny to watch when he has little ones crawling over him - he just loves having them pin him down! He also entices the little ones to chase him and grab the stick he's holding. It's such a good way for the younger/smaller/shyer ones to learn to play confidently and shows that size is really no barrier for play.

    I remember Bondi playing with a tiny little Papillon near the beach at English Bay in Vancouver years ago. He was such a good example to Munson. I sometimes get teary eyed thinking about how lucky I've been with these boys.

  7. You were DEFINITELY blessed by both of them Mike. You should be a very proud dad!