Monday, September 21, 2009

Big bro

Imagine you're a young child visiting a park for the first time. Your parents are with you, it's a beautiful day and there's so much space to explore … but you don't know what to make of all the other kids, who are all shapes and sizes.


But on that first day you meet a really cool big kid, and he takes a gentle interest in you. He offers you a stick to play with. You reach out to take it, and he doesn't quite give it to you because he wants to show you how to play with it.


He pulls back a bit and then you have to chase him to get it. You forget that he's twenty times your size and go after him. He doesn't run too fast if you have little legs and will come back to give you the stick again. He bends his legs down so he's a bit closer in height than you are. This time you're brave enough to try to take it from him, because you know he's not going to hurt you.

first day

He pretends to tug hard, even though he could just grab it and send you flying across the horizon with no effort. But he won't do that because he'd lose a new playmate.

Munson and Batman  Munson, Taffy and Buddy

Next time you come back to the park, you'll feel more confident. You know you don't have to bark loudly to frighten off the kids there or to impress your parents. You see your friend playing with other dogs, and you know you can join in.

Munson's apprentice

Your friend's name is Munson.


  1. We all should be so lukhky as to have a furiend named Munson!


  2. SWEET!


  3. He is such a wonderful and gentle boy. He learned a lot from Bodi, that is for sure!


  4. Lovely pictures... That's friendship as only a dog's best friend would understand it. Thank you so much for that, I wish my current "life coach'ee" Beanie would have a chance to meet Munson.


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