Monday, October 12, 2009

Wesley College

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This evening I dined at Wesley College at Sydney University where I lived for my four undergrad years. Usually the tables are lined up end-to-end "Harry Potter"-style, but tonight's arrangement was to encourage cosier table interactions for faculty and old-collegiate guests.

It was a little weird talking to students who hadn't even been born when I was roaming these halls, although I had a nice chat with a old-coll who had lived there in 1950 onwards. Coincidentally, one of the girls at my table currently lives in one of my favourite rooms in the "Basement". During my years I also clocked up time in the Dungeon, and the Attic. In those years I graduated from being a fresher, to a soph, to a heavy and finally a super-heavy. Occasionally I'd play the piano during Monday formal dinners in this hall.

Next year Wesley welcomes its first female master Ms Lisa Sutherland, just after celebrating its 40th year of being the first Sydney University college to become co-ed.

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