Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boys on the bays

PB140013 PB140018

Lucky Munson had a busy day out - first the markets to pick up our friend Ghaith and rescue him from a week of work and study. Then to the beach at Botany Bay - from whence I've stitched together a panorama of the beach with the new aeroplane viewing platform.

Foreshore Road beach and viewing platform

Munson in the viewing platform

same QANTAS takeoff - seconds apart

Mid-afternoon we went down to Rushcutters Bay where Munson went to his usual bridge-viewing platform and  to sniff out some freshly caught tailor fish.

IMG_3685 6_stitch IMG_3688 

Finally, what do the cats who get stared at by dogs see?

What the cats who stare at dogs see


  1. Bet the cats never sit on the fence and stare back.

  2. hiya - i'm going to botany tomorrow morning, early morning... in case you are around :) cheers

  3. Can't do it tomorrow. Beware Botany has been particularly dirty over the last week with all the dredging going on - I had to wash him immediately after his Saturday swim because of the sludge stuck to him - most noticeable where he has white fur.

  4. We ended up going to the golf course in Rockdale instead...
    I thought they were done there. Hmmmm - I think I'll give it a go next week. At the end of they day it has never been "clean" anyway. And lucky me - small black dog with short fur :)