Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Entre une leçon et une coupe de cheveux

 Munson, patient guardian of the fountain one moment Munson: playboy

Munson en pointe Munson & Bondi, July 2008

Between my French lesson and a haircut - positioned on opposite sides of Munson's favourite fountain,  I had a few minutes to play with the boy after he suffered through my revision of pronoms démonstratifs.

The last shot is a flashback to Munson playing there when he was three months old.

Just seeing Bondi in the background there still tears me up inside … but then I flick to another couple of happy memories from that month…

Munson & Bondi, July 2008 Sydney Park Munson & Bondi, July 2008 Sydney Park


  1. Love the flashback pictures.

  2. You are not alone. Seeing Bondi in those pics make ME tear up as well.

    I miss him too. He was such a gentle boy, and I miss him.


  3. Hi Mike. Its me "Sharon" with Desert Dawg/Dim Sur... Just want to say I love your photos and always a pleasure to check in on your blog. I turned my into a general "what am I doing now, or what's happening." Keeps me busy. My Mals are doing fine and we are hoping to head up to Canada for next year. im sure they will love it up there. Keep in touch.