Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sand angel



sand angel Munson

Munson Teddy and Munson

The only other dog making an appearance at the beach this afternoon was Teddy the groodle, one of Munson's park playmates.


  1. Oh. That might require a little cleaning later, but it sure looks like fun.

  2. Heather in MN12:20 am

    Excellent photos!

    I think my favorite shot is the one in which Munson is running toward you. His shadow almost looks as if Bondi is running with him.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! :)

  3. Is that the doggie beach at Foreshore Road?! So they didn't close it off? I haven't been there for ages as I thought is was closed to the public now... :(
    Cool Pictures!
    Cheers i&t

  4. Foreshore Road beach is a little smaller than before but it's been open again for several months now. That location has been redeveloped with parking at the eastern end, a bike trail, and an aeroplane viewing platform.

  5. Cool! Thanks... Guess we will give it a go on Monday morning...