Monday, November 30, 2009

Tails of the City

 Tails of the City: Sydney's passion for pets

After my little rant in my last post about dogs' lack of access to beaches and public transport, I flicked through my photo gallery and noted these images captured in February when the Museum of Sydney hosted an exhibition "Tails of the City: Sydney's passion for pets".

Sadly the exhibit showed a historical freedom for pets that is counterpointed by the current policies of the NSW state government and many local councils (including the many municipalities that make up greater Sydney). So while these banners fluttered over the streets, I was only 5 minutes away from Bennelong Point where you can't walk your dog at all. The Museum gift sold the notecards below enjoining people to "Take Your Dog With You By Rail" while we were minutes from bus, rail and ferry hubs all completely forbidden to dogs.

I'm sure the irony completely escaped the people who funded this exhibition :-(.

Take Your Dog With You By Rail


  1. Anonymous12:56 am

    Interesting to see you mention Bennelong Point. Although it was only the once I've walked my dog there. Are there signs about no dogs? Maybe I was just lucky!

  2. There are no signs. You are expected to be aware of the bylaws of the Opera House, which are partly prescribed by state law and partly unpublicised by the Opera House.