Sunday, November 08, 2009

Who let the dinosaurs out?

It's that time of year when every weekend has a neighbourhood festival. Today was the first time we've seen something new at the Newtown Festival - a man in an animatronic dinosaur costume.

PB08000220091108 Newtown Festival2-2

Munson had a few things to say about this creature - especially when it seemed to be 'threatening' some of the children sprawled across the grass of Camperdown Memorial Rest Park (possibly the most awkwardly named park in Sydney).


Despite the grey skies it was a warm muggy day, so I allowed Munson to cool down with a vanilla gelato.

20091108 Newtown Festival2-1

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  1. Woo - we have run into a lot of creatures on our walks, but never a dinosaur. Great defense of the kids!