Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Munson at Barmuda

I've had an awful head cold for about nine days now which has severely curtailed any major activity. I've had almost no voice for days. Munson has not been terribly impressed with this (or I dare say, the Xmas video, which could only be the product of idle hands), but at least I've been bravely stepping out each evening to give him a good run at the park.

The antibiotics I started on yesterday have worked well enough to get me out of the house for some lunch at Barmuda. Munson made many new friends out on the street when he wasn't slavering over my sandwich. He knows better than to beg too conspicuously or it's back in the elf suit for another round of yuletide choreography…

Some may remember my mention much earlier in the year of getting a Bondi tattoo. I'm pleased to say that project is making belated but splendid progress with some design wizardry that will start to be applied next week. I'm soooo excited!

Seen and noted: Sydney Morning Herald article Dog lovers have more fun, about neighbourhood gatherings in dog parks.


  1. No, no - anything but the Elf suit. Grins.

  2. Oh, you MUST get a Bondi tattoo! Mom just got one of Abby on her right leg. Stop over to my blog to check it out. She gave the tattoo guy a picture of Abby to work from, and he did a FABULOUS job! I can't wait to see what you come up with!