Monday, February 08, 2010

Tasmania - Hartz Mountain

P100046220100208 Tasmania - Hartz Mountain

The last big hiking day is through the Hartz Mountain National Park, a World Heritage Area about an hour's drive south of Hobart. I've been driver every day and call it quits at Lake Esperance while the others climb to Hartz Peak.

Lake Esperance 

P1000482-484_stitch P1000499 

I meandered slowly back down the path, inspecting the plant life around the path. Back at the park's day shelter, I settle back into Matthew Kneale's English Passengers. The book is a merciful distraction from the mayflies that madly taunt me, disregarding my tropical strength insect repellent. I defend myself with a handled breadboard from our picnic box until the others return.

P1000509-516 stitch

P1000524 Peter on Big Stump stitch 


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