Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tasmania - Hobart II

P1000357-358 Salamanca fountain stitch

Another lazy day in Hobart. It's been raining all weekend in Sydney, but we've been blessed with fine weather all through this stay. I'm mindful also that as I sit with local friends for lunch, that a memorial service for my late inimitable friend Stuart Campbell is going ahead in Sydney.

P1000370-377 stitch

After lunch, Jonnie's perpetual quest for places with a view (accompanied by proffering a camera and squeaking "eh") took us up to Mt.Nelson's signal station where the view and the Station Cafe make a splendid pairing.


P1000385 P1000393

Jonnie couldn't resist buying the brilliantly green sparkling mineral water. He's not familiar with the lime cordial that generations of Australians have grown up with and wasn't equipped to deal with its sharply sweet taste.

Hobart views from signal station

I was thrice spoiled for food that day: back at Melinda's, Peter had whipped up a huge batch of lasagna, and his friend Sandra brought over an amazing summer pudding she'd prepared from fruits in her own garden.

20100207 Tasmania - Dinner and possums

Possums in the greengage tree

Later that night, our dinner guests were replaced by a bunch of possums, greedily feasting on greengages, and not overly concerned about us lurking so close by with torch and cameras.

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