Friday, February 05, 2010

Tasmania - Maria Island


For Jonnie's birthday, having woken up in a trailer park without undue disgrace, we caught the 9am boat to Maria Island for a day hike.

P1000178 Fairy Penguin

First stop were the Fossil Cliffs, where I unexpectedly found a fairy penguin - I think laying eggs - under a pile of rocks.

Fossil Cliffs 

P1000197  P1000180


We followed a cliff path up towards Bishop and Clark Peak. I, having no head for heights straggled about 20m further inland than the other three.

P1000214 P1000215

Borthday picnic Kangaroos and wallabies a-bound

After a champagne picnic lunch to celebrate Jonnie's birthday (he'd helpfully brought decorative bunting and garish paper napkins to festoon the trees around our site), Peter and Dany continued up to the peak, while Jonnie and I cut across country to the painted cliffs on the other side of our landing spot.

Wallabies and kangaroos trailed us along the hike, and I spotted a wombat's nest but missed any actual residents.

Cape Barren Geese Cape Barren Geese

near the Painted Cliffs Tasmanian Tiger Snake

I nearly trod on a (highly venomous) Tasmanian tiger snake in my last hour on the island. I'm not sure I'd have been happy waiting for antivenom treatment given our location.

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  1. Great to see you enjoy parts of Tasmania. Sorry we did not manage to catch up. Well, another time!