Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tasmania - Meadowbank

Blackman's Bay Peter and Dany left for the mainland by an early flight. After chauffering them out to the airport, I flopped back into bed at Melinda's and slept away most of the morning.

With just an afternoon to kill before our respective flights, Jonnie and I began with a visit to Blackman's Bay. I overshot the main turnoff and ended up retracing an endlessly wiggling coast road back there. When I finally saw a sign saying "Blackman's Bay 1" I thought "…and Jonnie and Mike 0".

We stopped for a coffee and then turned back north and over the bridge one last time to find Meadowbank Winery.

 P1000544-549 Meadowbank stitch

The winery is a short detour from the road out to Hobart Airport and features a menu of entré-sized dishes. We tasted a few wines before settling on a bottle of their 2006 Reisling, very light and dry, to accompany the meal.

 P1000551 P1000553 P1000554 

In the middle distance we see two radio telescopes at Mt. Pleasant. The larger of the two was originally stationed near Canberra where it tracked many spacecraft such as the Apollo-Soyuz mission until its relocation in 1986.

20100209 Tasmania - Meadowbank Winery

Upstairs in the winery, the Flawed Gallery holds an amusing jigsaw built into the floor giving a history of winemaking in Tasmania.

… and so my short Tasmanian holiday comes to an end.

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  1. Looks like you are having a fabulous vacation! The old pics of Bondi brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure he is watching over Munson while you are away though, making sure he is being a good boy!

    My human woman LOVES Australian wines! Her favorite is Black Opal.

    Have fun!