Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tasmania - Port Arthur

P1000037-42 Port Arthur stitch [ice]

Two centuries ago, the prison settlement at Port Arthur was one of the harshest known places of exile in the British empire. Today, it's a rather sombre collection of buildings and parkland reflecting its use since that time.

Governor's drawing roomisland in the bay

Port Arthur house - view from steps

P1000075-76 Tessellated Pavement stitchP1000089

The area around Port Arthur was almost an island, connected to the mainland by a very narrow well protected isthmus called Eaglehawk Neck. In that area is a stretch of rock - the Tessellated Pavement - whose regular divisions are created over long periods of time by the action of wind, water and salt. The formation is a great photographic subject (one day I'll get there at dawn or dusk!) but one should not overlook the flora lining the path down to the water, with a great diversity of colour and texture to lead the eye.

20100204 Tasmania - Port Arthur

P1000098 P1000113-115 Tessellated Pavement stitch [ice]


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