Thursday, April 08, 2010

Munson gets a Scout pack

P1000256-257_stitch Scout & Munson

Over the last two days and nights we’ve had a sleepover guest. Scout is one of the regulars at Sydney Park, and while his mum was out of town I volunteered to look after him.

Scout was rescued from the pound, and when he arrived last year showed many signs of abuse and neglect. He avoided dogs and humans alike, being particularly wary of adult men. Over time he’s become more comfortable with the other dogs, but still skirts around the adults with his tail between his legs. I’ve endeavoured to make him feel welcome by lowering myself to a less threatening height when around and offering treats. Slowly he’s become more adventurous and would approach me even without treats on hand.

P1000284 P1000294

This visit has been a great opportunity for him to be in extended close contact with a man and another dog. My philosophy was just to show him that this could be a no-threat environment, and would be characterised by random acts of kindness rather than cruelty.

It’s also been a chance for me to ensure Munson is OK with an extended stay of this nature. In fact Munson was happy to share the house, his toys and bedding. Munson and Scout have not been particularly close buddies at the park, but they played and snoozed together quite happily without any effort on my part. Munson didn’t even blink when Scout decided he was going to spend both nights snuggled up next to me on the bed.

I was especially pleased to return from a dinner with friends to find Scout excited to see me. Seeing that change in his demeanour is its own reward.


  1. There's no better reward than seeing a rescued animal happy.

  2. Love seeing an animal rehabilitated. The picture of Scout resting on Munson is priceless.