Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scout #2

Amanda watches the laying on of the paws

Munson and I hosted Scout during today’s wet weather. I was originally scheduled to go out to a BBQ but was feeling a bit too creaky. I was very happy to get Amanda’s call for Scout relief while she worked on her thesis.

Best buds 1 Scout smiles

Yes. Scout smiles now.

Best buds 2

Nothing much to report on the move-to-France front just now. I’m gathering all the paperwork necessary for my visa application. I have to buy my return tickets and health insurance before I apply, so my dates aren’t going to be set until I’m confident I have everything ready when I visit the consulate.

I’ve also been gathering quotes for my move, and Munson’s transport. French regulations now require that dogs are imported in plastic crates. Since air-approved plastic crates top out at a few inches less than Munson’s length, I won’t be able to fly him direct to France. A custom wooden crate – Bondi went through several of these – will be necessary.

My two best options are London and Amsterdam. Amsterdam is cheaper from a simple cost comparison as the animal processing fees are about half that of London. London is still my preferred option as I want to say hellos to all my English friends, and the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow is a known quantity for me.

At this point Amsterdam would just be backup in case there was an issue with Munson’s rabies documentation. Continental Europe only requires a 3 week rabies vaccination history (unlike UK’s 6mth) so if he had to start from scratch, that would be the way to go.

Once landed in Europe, land transport to our final destination is the only practical option as his crate would be too big for the smaller regional carriers to load.

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  1. I love the pic of them with their faces together! It's so sweet!!!

    Good luck on the move stuff. I think I would be way to scared to transport a pup so far!