Sunday, April 18, 2010

There’s something about Munson

Munson @ 2yrs 

Munson is 2 years old today.

Sydney Park 

As I write I happen to be listening to some music featuring a didjeridu* soloist. About a minute in, the drone breaks out into a combination of growls and whoops.  This brings Munson into the room to investigate. He sits next to me, head cocked, and tongue slightly protruding as he does when in contemplation.

He looked to the computer screen first, I think expecting to see some video footage of his friends at the park. Last night he watched a short loop of himself playing through three times, completely entranced.

Now there’s something in the music that he’s responding to. His immediate curiosity has been satisfied and he’s returned to his spot in the corridor, but I can see his ears are still pricked, slowly rotating back and forth like small satellite dishes as other interesting didjeridu passages.

If I replay the first passage again, he comes back to pay closer attention. It’s absolutely fascinating to witness, and one of a million reasons why I find malamutes so amazing to have around.

2 months -> 2 years 

On Friday, Scout and Amanda dropped by again while I upgraded the RAM in her laptop. Munson was very excited by this and made Scout welcome again, gently prodding him into play.

At the park afterwards, Scout was like a new dog. He was properly engaging with other dogs, even taking Munson on for some stick tug o’ war. A number of people were commenting: “Munson is teaching Scout how to play!” Despite Scout being a good year or so older than Munson, the younger dog was taking him under his wing as if he were a pup newly arrived on the scene. Amanda remarked that she could hardly recognise her own dog.

I cannot tell you how proud I was of Munson that day. A little Munson therapy goes a long way.

Flashback to August 08 I'm how old???

* Peter Sculthorpe’s Music for Japan, for orchestra & didjeridu (1970)


  1. Way to go Munson. Wisdom is in the experience, not in the age - right?

  2. Happy Birthday Munson!

    Keep up the pawesome work!


  3. Such a handsome pup! And, we are only days apart in age! My 2 year old birthday is April 22nd!!!

    Khady Lynn

  4. Happy Birthday, Munson!

  5. Happy [belated] Birthday, Munson!!!

  6. Munson has something of peaceful in his appearance, and somehow I've always thought of him as a very balanced dog. I'm not surprised to find out that more insecure dogs can benefit from spending time with him. Paws crossed for Scout and also...

    Happy birthday Munson!