Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 years of El Loco & El Lobo

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On 25 May 2005, Bondi and I left Australia for our grand adventure. We were away for just over 30 months, and it’s just almost the same amount of time since our December 2007 return.

Thanks to all those that follow me through this blog: you’ve been very encouraging through all the fun and the difficult times.

Munson’s air-travel booking arrived today. It looks like we’ll be on the same flight to London, which is a first for all my canine companions.

I’m continuing to whittle down my household goods this week – how many boxes of staples can one accumulate in a lifetime? I’ve got enough stationery supplies – mostly gathered during my Seattle years – to run a small school for a year.

About 3 shelf metres of piano sheet-music was sold last week, and quite a few books. The takings were enough to fund 10% of Munson’s airfare.

I’m in two moods about a going away party. The last couple I’ve done (in Sydney and Seattle) proved to be rather sad, so slipping away into the sky may be the better option. Even after ricocheting between northern and southern hemispheres for 12 years, goodbyes haven’t become any easier. There are so many I wish I could unwind.

This brings me back to the original* title of this blog (on MSN spaces) ‘Homeward’, which wistfully acknowledged a rather long search for somewhere to call home. The closest thing I’ve found to home in recent years is the semi-circle of small hillocks at Sydney Park where I’ve spent so many lazy-to-mad afternoons and evenings with folk on two legs and four. I wish I could say that was enough, but restless energy always comes to fill the other spaces in my life.

Lightning has struck twice for me with Bondi and Munson on the journey. It makes me feel a bit like Doctor Who(ooo?) with my endless moving around with different companions. On Saturday I spoke about this with the artist Jenny Sages, who said she wished she could replace her friends as easily when they passed away. Rarely does one get to shape the relationship with one’s friends so directly, and never so quickly as with dogs. Their devotion may be unconditional but I would like to think I earn that. So we have a little caravan of love, one that can be steered homeward….

*The El Loco & El Lobo title came about when we were in Pamplona, Spain later that year. All the old Homeward  material was copied over to ELyEL a little bit later.


  1. Congratulations on five years. A LOT has happened. Great that you're still here all those years later. Here's to five more (at least).

  2. Wow - five years. We understand your trepidation for the going away party, but my thoughts are that those are usually not so much for the person leaving - as the people staying. We are looking forward to reading about your newest adventure.

  3. As always, your words made me nod my head in agreement!

  4. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Good luck with your 'homeward' journey search... hope you find what you're looking for (together on your 'caravan of love' with Munson).


  5. Wow, 5 years is wonderful! We loved seeing all your adventures with Bondi and cried with you when he went to the bridge. We have enjoyed all the wonderful times you have shared and look forward to more great times when you are in France!

    Hugs for you Mike and snooter smooches for Munson!

    Holly and Khady

  6. Michelle Bullivant5:55 am

    As a new follower of your blog I'd like to wish you and Munson a safe journey to France and here's hoping you find the 'home' you've been looking for. Can't wait for more updates!

  7. Rachey T4:51 pm

    Would really hate to have you leave without a goodbye (and a good feed!), but also understand sometimes it's easier to just leave. It won't be goodbye I hope, more a "see you later"! Lots of hugs to Munson.


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