Thursday, May 20, 2010

It’s on!


My passport just arrived with a French one year visitor visa pasted in – a very pleasant surprise since I wasn’t expecting it for another week or so.

This makes the new adventure “official”. If it had been denied, I may just have been having a brief solo holiday in the UK. It’s seven weeks to departure, counting, counting…

Now I can start work on formalising the last few matters: Munson’s flight to London, shipping my effects and letting my house. I’ve already got multiple quotes on the first two items, and I just ran down the street to my local real estate agency to organise the letting.

Inari Finland, May 2007

Yesterday  I received a quote for transporting Munson from London to SW France by car: £450! That’s money much better spent on buying a car. I’ll be looking to buy a car while I’m in England – something like a diesel Berlingo van or smaller estate vehicle like the Renault Scenic I drove around Europe. If anyone has suggestions of models or specific vehicles, please let me know. Keep in mind that I can’t inspect anything till I arrive in July.

That reminds me that I’ll either need to “park” my Scenic car somewhere off-road indefinitely or sell it off for parts. I’m rather reluctant to dispose of it in this manner, having quite a sentimental attachment to it after it served so well, but a new automatic transmission is required to make it saleable. In other respects, with only 130,000km on the clock everything else is humming along nicely.


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  2. How exciting!! Now, let the packing begin!



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