Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One year

Bondi on Mt Etna

Mt Etna, Sicily. March 28 2007. The last day we played in snow together.

It’s been a year since my great friend lay in my arms and sighed into pain-free sleep; a year living in the slipstream of his remarkable life. The starlit wave recedes but never vanishes.


  1. The best part of memories is... even when the loved one [animal/person/object] is gone, you still feel the love they once gave to you.

  2. He's had quite a few of our pals join him in running free and easy across The Bridge since then -

    In fact, a very handsome Siberian named Prince crossed way too young last Friday -

    I hope Bondi is showing our New Zealand friend the KHOOL places to hang out!

    Khyra and I send a hug of remembrance today!

  3. Doesn't seem like it has been a year. I still tear up whenever I see his handsome face. He will forever be in your heart and memories. Time will continue to pass, but you will always have that love to keep you company.

    We miss you too Bondi!

    Holly and Khady


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