Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 year anniversary

Munson and siblings

Today is the second anniversary of Munson’s arrival at his “forever home”.

This would have been a more appropriate image to show on Munson’s second birthday in April, but I only tripped over the printed image from the kennel this week while sorting out my filing cabinet in advance of our July move.

This evening we watched Hachiko, A Dog’s Tale, based on the true story of the Japanese dog who waited for his deceased master at the railway station each day for the rest of his life.  One reviewer wrote

If you choked up at Marley & Me last year, you may want to keep an ambulance on stand-by for Hachi

I was nearly drenched by the end of it, as if Sydney’s rainstorms had been resting in my tear ducts. For the last half-hour I sat with Bondi’s ashes cradled in my lap.

Like Eight Below, which was a remake of the Japanese film  Nankyoku monogatari (Antarctica), this is kind of a remake of the Japanese film Hachiko monogatari. The story of course is echoed in the case of Dzok in Krakow.


  1. Happy Munson-a-versary!

    I'm not sure I could watch the movie - the trailer has been tough enough -

    Of course, I haven't been able to watch my copy of Eight Below either -

  2. Hey! I didn't realize Munson was only 4 days older than Khady! Khady was born on April 22, 2008. How cool!

    Don't think I will let my human watch that movie. She bawled all the way through 8 Below and can't ever watch it again because it makes her cry so hard. That kind of stuff really bothers her. She loves animals so much she really gets emotional over stories like that. She even cries watching Bambi! And, it's a cartoon!