Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Awwww you guys!!!


A touching surprise at the park this evening, finding these banners being put up around to advertise a little soirée organised by our park ‘family’ (what else can you call them?).

Scout came for a final sleep over with Munson on Monday night. Noticing his dew claws were a bit overgrown, I trimmed them and nicked the blood supply on one of them. Thinking I’d staunched the flow I forgot about it until I woke the next morning to discover blood stains all over the bedding (Scout had curled up very close to me all night).

All the bedding went into the wash several days ahead of schedule, leaving me with a sleeping bag on a naked mattress for the night. This was a fortunate move as Sydney recorded its coldest June night in over six decades, yet my sleeping bag provided me with my warmest night’s sleep in weeks.


One week from now, we’ll be in the air en route to London. Only four more days for Munson at the park :-(.


  1. Such bittersweet days ahead for you -

    Adventures awaiting you but
    Friends you'll miss

    Thank for sharing!

  2. Have a great trip!


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