Friday, July 09, 2010

Bridge Over the River Quite Tired and Want to Go to Bed Now

I valiantly fought on to 11pm last night trying to push through the first day, but woke up less than 4 hours later. I got up to browse for cars on the net and then managed an hour or two more of sleep stirred through with my brain racing around its list of things to do.
Munson @ Munson's
8am: breakfast at Munson’s
9am: appointment in Hounslow to get Munson’s Pet Passport. Kevin the black cat is ruling the roost at the surgery and holds Munson’s focus as we sit in the waiting room.
10am: inspecting left-hand drive vehicles in Buckinghamshire, northwest of London
11am:  decision made  after a test drive - an Opel /Vauxhall/Holden/… Zafira  compact MPV – followed by some wrestling over the telephone with my bank in Australia.
12:30pm : back at Munson’s for lunch
1 pm : home for an afternoon looking for car insurance quotes and trying to book our ferry from Plymouth to Santander. The Brittany Ferry site says their largest cages are only a metre on their longest side, which is far too small for Munson.  I call their operator to find if I can just leave him in the car – just as Bondi did on all of his ferry voyages – as the website insists on specifying a cage. The operator claims that they fit Great Danes in this space (“chopped up or folded like origami?” I ask) and promises a call back within 20 minutes and I never hear from them again. After moving several more pages through the web booking process, I discover that all those sailings to Santander are booked out anyway, and they were just toying with me.
I think Plymouth – Roscoff is the best fallback, which requires an additional 5 hours driving through France to our destination.
Some more time spent trying to talk to a French insurance agent, solely in French, which fizzles after ten minutes of trying to spell my name and other trivialities. I surprised myself in how far I got, given that with my declining sleep/attention ratio my English skills were faltering.
Find an anglophone French insurance company and make a bit more progress.
4pm: Out to Chiswick to buy a UK SIM card for my phone. Munson sees his first squirrel in Turnham Green park. Not sure how I summoned the strength to stop a closer encounter of the furred kind. The staff in the phone store just want to talk about malamutes rather than speed me through the transaction I needed.
7:00pm : Find a voicemail from the Heathrow ARC from 12.30pm the day before telling me to pick up Munson as he was ready. Since I’d sitting in their waiting room for three hours at that point and he wasn’t ready for over an hour after that…. hmmm….
7:30pm : Really not sure how I’m managing to do this while different parts of my brain have started shutting down some time ago.


  1. I swear I have been to that Starbuck's. Stayed just around the corner at Chelsea House--is this near the Earl's Court station?

    Saw two rangy huskies there when we were there and sweethearts that they were, a woman would not walk past them. WOLVES!

    Enjoying your blog!

  2. @Carolyn: That's not a Starbucks. It's Munson's Cafe on St Mary's Rd midway between Ealing Broadway and South Ealing stations.