Friday, July 16, 2010

Exmoor and an Austell reception

P1010895 Munson @ Lynmouth

Our exit from The Ship Inn was via the 1:4 grade of Porlock Hill which led us westward and down a similar slope to the twin villages of Lynmouth and Lynton. The bay is very pretty but the drive along the A39 westwards out of there is even moreso.

Lynmouth Predator Wanted: One-legged burglar Clovelly's Up-Along or Down-Along

I intended to follow the A39 on to Watergate Bay in Cornwall where I knew Munson would be able to play on the beach, and some decent coffee could be had (my priorities haven’t changed). However, non-highway driving in Cornwall and Devon is  a slow, tiring affair and it would take two hours to reach that point. On my first visit to the UK in 1997 I visited the seaside heritage village of Clovelly (for which a Sydney beach has been named) a Diddly-dum-diddly pair of rows of white houses stretching up a steep hillside from a very picturesque harbour. Charles Kingsley, author of The Water Babies lived here for a time. There’s an entrance fee for the village at the visitor’s centre, the cashier gushing over Munson – oh my a malamute! We’d also been pursued up the short main street of Lynmouth by the owner of a mal-shepherd cross pup.


Munson dragged me down the slope, enticed by the smell of donkeys which I guess were there for the benefit of those too weary to make the journey down to the harbour and back. This downward pull wasn’t very helpful but he did at least help me on the way out. Quite a number of other visitors had their dogs with them, which didn’t impress any of the town’s cats, hissing and arching at the gates of their cottages.

Clovelly: Bristol Channel Clovelly harbour Clovelly Harbour

Munson had a short swim in the Atlantic waters of the Bristol Channel.

Munson in Clovelly 

After lunch I drove onto our stop for the next two nights, Tony and Maureen’s place in St. Austell, Cornwall where Bondi had stayed in July and November 2007.


  1. Every time I go to Wales, I long for my Maddox to be there with me! In Cardiff, we met a half-Mal, or Huskymal lol, whose owners were wearing him out in the bay. Had a fun time talking to them--they bring him there every day to get his exercise. Lucky pup!

  2. Porlock Hill - Ahh how I remember that curse-ed name.... I cycled up the bas**** in 1986 (followed by a hair-raising speedy descent into Lynton and Lynmouth)on my round Europe bicycle trip. Porlock Hill remains the only hill I've ever ridden which necessitated standing upright on the pedals to force them to turn the wheels, the entire torturous way up to the top!
    Old men visible blanched when I later mentioned that I rode up Porlock Hill.
    Looking forward to the 'aventures français'. xxT.